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    Epic battles, incredible stories and thousands of players are waiting for you. Join us!


1°- Romanoft - 108 Kills

2°- MalevolicDildO - 107 Kills

3°- Lavitz - 76 Kills

4°- Gnz - 70 Kills

5°- TheMadHatter - 60 Kills

6°- Necrofilo - 59 Kills

7°- WiffiN - 58 Kills

8°- Deliany - 58 Kills

9°- Watsky - 57 Kills

10°- watafaka - 57 Kills

Top PK

1°- TheMadHatter - 101 Kills

2°- M3nstru4c1on - 51 Kills

3°- Asst0m - 31 Kills

4°- Ikaros - 30 Kills

5°- lllllll - 26 Kills

6°- Instinct - 23 Kills

7°- Shiroe - 21 Kills

8°- Jackie - 19 Kills

9°- ElfoQuito - 18 Kills

10°- Deliany - 17 Kills



Linekkit H5

If you never played on Linekkit H5 before, keep reading and find out how are we going to surprise you. Get ready for something unique

General information


XP: x12 / SP: x12
Drop: x10 / Spoil: x10
Adena: x10 / Quest: x4
Raid: x3 / Party: x1.5


DualBox: Up to 2 clients by PC
Daily events system (TVT/3TVT/PVP/MINIGAMES)
LameGuard security system (Anti-bot)
Automatically processed donations
Extremely competitive Olympiads every 2 weeks


Microprocessor: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3.8Ghz with 8 cores
RAM: 32GB of DDR3 memory with ECC
Storage: 2 x 120GB Intel SSD 320 (RAID 0)
Exclusive international connection with a limitless 200Mbps symmetric bandwidth
The server runs 24Hs on a datacenter with proprietary electric generatores and redundant internet providers
Fast response tech support

Made by us, thought for you

Our systems were integrally developed by our team. This means that we provide our users with state-of-the-art solutions for their gaming needs, such us our automatic donations system that process any donation instantly 24/7. Yeah, impressive.


Linekkit was created by the same developers of Minekkit, the successful and well renowned Minecraft server that currently holds a position in the top 10 worldwide. Because experience not only matters ingame.

  • The ultimate service

    Our objectives are clear: provide the best gaming experience to Linekkit's players. Furthermore, we also guarantee the existence of a solid community that connects players, having as a top priority a comprehensive support for newcomers.
    Linekkit's staff is formed by an administrative team that efficiently distributes tasks with the final goal of maximize the server development. To accomplish this, we have specialists on our team varying from GMs that provide support to our player's needs, to IT professionals with a vast technical knowledge. Besides, team members are certified with academic level IT training in order to get the maximum benefits from our systems.


The competition begins once every 2 weeks

Territory War

Every 2 weeks, the day before the sieges


Linekkit offers a retail experience for hardcore gamers


Several items can be bought on ingame shops with Linekkit Coins


How to play

Linekkit H5

Newcomer?, don't worry. Follow the instructions and get started within minutes!

Step 1

Sign in

The first thing you need to be part of Linekkit is an account.
When you open the game you will need to log in with the same username and password that you registered on Linekkit's website.
To set up an account, please use the following button:

Step 2

Download the game

Once you have set up your account to play on Linekkit, you are gonna need the game (also known as client). There are several versions available, but to play on Linekkit you will need the High Five version (aka. H5)
To download the game with a torrent (recommended) click on the following button:

If you prefer a direct download instead of a torrent, we give you a couple alternatives:

Step 3

Linekkit System

Once that you have installed the client, the next step is to download a file necessary to play on Linekkit (known as system).
It is available on the following link and it's not possible to log in without it.

Now you have to decompress the downloaded file on the folder where the game was installed, usually the path is: C:\Program files\NCSoft\Lineage II

Step 4

Welcome to Linekkit!

If you followed every step you are now part of Linekkit!
Enter the game with L2.exe. Don't forget to take part in the forums and join the community.

Your journey begins now...


What's new on H5

Linekkit H5

A lot of things changed with the arrival of H5, learn everything with the following info and start fighting completely prepared

Chronicle summary

High Five brings new playable components in comparison with it's predecessor, Lineage 2 Freya. The most remarkable change that you will experience is that some weapons and armor have changed their specs. Some of them even jumped from their category, such as the case of the Dynasty armor, which is now in the S level instead of S80
Not only several skills behavior were modified, but also 83 new skills were added to harden the game experience and demand a much deeper dexterity to players.
All of this is paired with a new set of 24 quests and 3 never seen before arenas for intensive PVP battling.
Like if everything above mentioned wasn't enough, new raid bosses weapons were included, MP consumption rates for some classes were modified and new ways of buying and selling items between players (like the ingame mail) appeared.
This is just a short abstract of all the changes from H5, you can read the full change list in the following LINK


Max level


New quests


New weapons by
Raid Boss


New arenas


Cloaks and accessories added


Novas competências